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Selling gold - Cash for gold

  • Sell gold for cash quickly and easily at The Gold Exchange.
  • Sell broken rings, unmatched earrings, out-of-style pendants, knotted or kinked chains and used jewelry are worth their weight in gold!
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FAQ's about Selling Gold

What can I expect to be paid?

Payment is based on the gold content (karat), weight, and the daily price of gold and other precious metals. Plus any precious stones in the jewelry.

Can I sell my old or broken jewelry?

You can still make money out of your broken gold jewelry by selling them as scrap gold.

Is used gold worth more than new gold?

When it comes to knowing the value of your gold jewelry, there are many factors to consider. We use three things in order to determine the value of gold. These are:

  • Karat
  • Weight
  • Price of gold

Why would my jewelry be worth more than the metal value?

  • If it is notable - such as created by a top brand or manufacturer, Tiffany's, Faberge, etc.
  • If it has antique, collectable or historic value.
  • If it is in pristine condition, buyers might have to pay a premium.
  • 'Pretty' items are most likely priced higher.

Buying Gold


Investment experts recommend that 15% of an investors' net worth be placed in tangible assets, and gold is a great choice. Here at The Gold Exchange, our number one priority is giving you financial peace of mind through the purchase and sale of hard, tangible assets: gold and rare coins.

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Featured Article

Universal acceptance & demand of gold.

No matter where you are, gold is a highly valued commodity. Between 2004 and 2008, 68 percent of the demand of gold was in the form of jewelry, 19 percent for investment purposes, and 14 percent for industry purposes. Gold is widely sought after because it has many different uses. Industries use it in many different facets. There are medical uses for gold, car manufacturers use it in air bags, mobile telephones contain gold, computers have gold parts in them, and gold is even used by astronauts in space travel. There are numerous industries that have made gold a necessity for their businesses.

Besides jewelry and the many uses that industries have found for gold, it is also a means of investment. Many people and governments rely on gold as a savings system. They value it as an investment, and even feel safer saving it than the currency issued by a government. Even though most countries have moved away from the gold backed monetary system, it is still valued as a currency and sign of wealth. Thus, people will most likely never give up on the belief that gold is money and always try to get their hands on it. Not to mention, people expect demand to continue to grow for gold and continue to surpass supply, making it a solid investment.

The worldwide output of gold is 2,000 tonnes a year which developing countries account for a large percentage of. Gold production allows generous revenue in these countries and provides taxable income to their governments.

These countries reap the benefits of gold exports, not only in revenue and taxable income for their governments, but also in that the industry creates jobs locally and it paves the way for the jewelry industry to thrive. The gold mining industry will continue to aid these developing nations in economic and social growth, while allowing all of the world to benefit from the trade of gold.

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