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Investing in Gold - Building Your Portfolio

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How to Create a Portfolio and Profit

1/3 inexpensive gold

Gold isn't cheap, particularly at around $1200 per ounce, but you should own some inexpensive gold. For these positions I prefer Swiss or French Gold 20 Francs. Each coin weighs .2074 and they normally sell per oz. for about the same price as a one ounce Gold American Eagle or Gold Canadian Maple Leaf.

1/3 semi-numismatic gold coins

The next third should be in semi-numismatic gold coins. These coins range in price from $1800-$2500 per ounce. The reasoning is that when we go through another period of economic turmoil, gold will rise and I believe that it could surpass the previous high of $1225per ounce and it has! If your rare coins are priced in that range, you will not lose any money. It is my way of hedging the second third of your portfolio.

1/3 rare coins

The final third of your portfolio should consist of rare coins. Coins that are condition census (in the finest 10 known) to the finest 200 known. These are coins that offer string potential to both collectors and investors alike. The prices can range from $3000- $350,000 per coin and this is where the most profit has been generated over the last 5-10 years. There are numerous coins that fall into this parameter and I will take time to discuss this further on a one-on-one basis.

Sample Portfolios

Sample Portfolio $16,500

  1. Gold 20 Franc - $245 / ea. x 20 coins =$4,900
  2. Early Date $25 Gold American Eagle - $750 x 10 coins = $7,500
  3. (2) Type II $20's Liberty =$4,000

Approximate Gold Weight 11ozs of Gold Avg. $1490 TOTAL $16,400

Sample Portfolio $30,000

  1. Gold 20 Francs - $245 / ea. x 50 coins =$12,250
  2. Early Date $25 Gold American Eagle - $750 x 20 coins = $15,000
  3. (2) Semi Rare Type II $20's Liberty = $4,000

Sample Portfolio $75,000

  1. Gold 20 Franc - $245 / ea. x 50 coins = $12,250
  2. Early Date $25 Gold American Eagle - $750 x 20 coins = $15,000
  3. Better Date $25 Gold American Eagle - $1,500 x 10 coins = $15,000
  4. Type II $20's Liberty -7 coins = $17,500
  5. Better Date Type II's 3 coins = $10,000

Approximate Gold Weight 45ozs of Gold Avg. $1550 TOTAL $69,750

Sample Portfolio $100,000 +

At $100,000 and above, we start to talk more seriously about set building. In hot markets, sets have been known to command 10-30 % premiums over the individual pieces. There are many more people capable of picking up coins in the $10-$20,000 range than there are coins to feed that demand; but again, the types of coins we acquire are desirable based on the fact that Eagle Numismatics recommends predominately 2 types of coins to its large customer base.

*Prices are subject to change, in fact we expect it. * Based on gold spot of $1195/oz

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