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Bullion Products


Gold American Eagle

Best-selling gold bullion coins in America.


American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin

The first 24-karat solid gold bullion coin from


Gold British Sovereign

One of the most popular fractional (less than 1 oz) gold bullion coins worldwide.


Maple Leaf

The most popular pure gold bullion coins.


St Gaudens

The world's first gold bullion coin.


Gold Bullion Bars

The best option for high-volume investments.


Other Bullion Products

Silver Bullion - Platinum Bullion

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Selling Gold


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Featured Article

The difference between Gold Bullion Coins and Numismatic Coins containing gold.

Gold bullion coins and numismatic coins are valued for two very distinct reasons. Bullion coins are desired for the precious metal they are comprised of. The purity of gold, weight and authentication are paramount in the gold bullion market. Every major government mints their own gold bullion coins. Conveniently for consumers, the coins are often struck in one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce, and even tenth ounce sizes. This way the value of the coin can quickly be compared to the current spot price of gold. Each bullion coin can typically be purchased for it's spot metal price, plus any collectible or desirable quality the coin may garner. This phenomena exposes the greatest aspect of bullion coinage; not only does the metal the coin is made of have an intrinsic value, but so does the scarcity of the means by which it was put to market- its minting.

Numismatic coins are valued for their rarity, age, and overall condition. Gold content is not the driving factor behind a numismatic coin's value. Although non bullion coins may contain some gold, there usually isn't enough present to dictate value beyond it numismatic qualities. Scarcity and desirability move a coin, or a coin set's value. This factor is why set building is so important for the numismatic hobbyist and major collector alike. Full coin sets can often fetch a much higher price than each coin would individually. Shifts in scarcity or demand can often surprise a seasoned coin collector and keep numismatics interesting.

Time has a way of misplacing and destroying even the rarest of antiquities and coins have not been spared. When such depletions happen, the remaining owners of that set typically see a value increase.

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